How to Get Started and Make it Work

Dating, chatting and mating wasn’t hard enough as you think but as not east stuff for very one and not everybody able to win this dilemma. Being a successful online dater is much more than knowing what to click on a website. It’s about choosing the right site among thousands, mastering the variety of search tools, understanding the difference between winks and nudges, knowing.

In the days before online dating, as a single online date looking to date, your choices were limited to people in your immediate circle or those of your friends. The internet has made your choices seem virtually limitless. That abundance is the good and bad news.

Being able to choose among so many means you have a better chance of men looking someone you like. On the flip side, the feeling of having a plethora of choices tends to lead to all kinds of bad behaviour. The old “there’s a better one just around the corner” mentality is now “there’s 5 better ones waiting in my inbox.” This can result in some rather quick and harsh judgement. After all, if that one doesn’t seem just right for you, there are thousands more to pick from! Or so it seems.

To make things just a little more challenging, throw in the anonymity of it all. Aside from match making is easier for frauds and liars, when we’re communicating from behind a computer screen, some rather unattractive tendencies can come out. It’s so much easier to ignore, brush aside, be snippy, or simply write some silly stuff.

I met my husband online and I encourage my women seeking clients to hop on. It’s a great way to meet people, but it’s good to do your homework first. Here are a few tips to make the experience easier and more positive.

When choosing an online dating site, start by deciding how you want to meet people. Do you want to be matched based on your answers to tons of questions like they do on harmony or Chemistry? Or would you rather have the freedom to present yourself your way, and then pick and be picked like on Match.