Online Dating Secret What She Wants

Men and women often make this mistake simple, when meetings and reports. Basically it is a mistake of marketing. Amateur marketer focusing properties of the product. For example, the entire engine, color, interior, sound system, etc. A good marketer focuses on the needs, and dreams of his prospect. Using the same dating services example, a pro marketer would show a man being respected, admired, and even loved because of the car he is trying to sell.

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This holds true with dating and relationships. A “feature list” in your online dating profile is common and quite boring. Both men and women want adult dating to be seen. Men as leaders, even heroes. Women want to be seen as embodiment of grace and beauty.

Say for example you were looking for a partner for marriage. Many might write a profile like this:

“I am looking for an adult personal woman who is loyal, with a good sense of humour, spiritual, friendly, marriage minded etc.” Most women will skip over this profile. It is common, boring and self centred.

Check out this rewrite: “I am inspired by your heart, your wisdom, your playful attitude, and optimism. I am seduced by your natural charm and by the kind way you treat others. So rare. I cannot resist.”

This is not a list of features. You are seeing her, even adoring here. This would be an adult swingers approach for someone looking for a long term relationship. You are admiring her true core qualities not just here tits!

“When the right woman reads this profile they most likely could say” I read your profile and I felt as though you were speaking directly to me. Like you I am authentic loving and kind hearted. I feel that you are a kindred spirit. I really hope to hear from you.