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There are many ways women can find single men at free singles sites and even create long lasting and thriving relationships. Most of the time, women may end up feeling like giving up on dating websites and at other times, some end up becoming desperate. Therefore, there needs to be a strategy on how best approach online dating and more so, without getting heart broken all the time.


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The first step is to analyze your reasons for singles casual date online this means that you need to know why you would like to be on the dating site. Are you there because you would like to get single men who are serious?

Or could it be that you would like your ex-boyfriend to know he is not the only man in the world? This means that you need to get a clearer mind on why you would like to be in any of the dating sites.

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Another important aspect that you need to bear in mind is that a good date needs to start off well. Therefore, the first thing a woman should do is give a potential date time to share his opinion on an issue, to respond to online dating guide site contacts  emails, and even time to initiate a date. The reason being, asking too many questions and demanding too many answers are more of clingy tendencies which are a huge turn off to most men.

So the first date was great, you even exchanged a few other contacts and he seemed to like you but he stopped calling after your second date. It is a bit hard when it comes to such dilemmas but the most ideal solution should be if he does not respond to your first call or message after becoming mum then stop calling.