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i like doin heaps of stuff like clubing parties,drinking i like geting out like camping fishing goin on big road trips i like chicks that only like 1 thing geting really kinky i like doin everythin in the bed room i go hard a and dont stop i like trying things differnt so if u got any suggestions im all ears i get kinky raelly often its like a second nature like breathing. i like most sports like gridiron. foofty and boxing im a romantic guy that will take u any where movies out 4 tea caddle lit dinner or wat ever u want to do
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i like chicks wit kinda longish hair black brown blond or pink dont really matter. i like chicks wit either blue or brown eyes there very sexy. i like chicks that have a really good body ones that they really look after. i like chicks wit reasonably big tits and if they do they better like showing them they have got to have a good firm butt i like sexy butts i like girls who always like dressing up wit make up and all the acceseries it makes them look really hot . they have got to have a good sense of humour i really like funny chick