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Fairfield, United States
I am very easy-going, I laugh often, and try to keep a positive outlook on life in general. Life is what you make of it, and I want to make the most of mine. I have all the necessities of life, but continue to seek out that one person that will accompany me through life and will laugh with me through the years (not just at me ;) ). Chemistry is important, but without a solid foundation of friendship it won't go anywhere. Mutual respect and open/honest communication are key, and I will do my best to communicate effectively if you will do the same.
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I’m seeking a man who is fun loving, easy going and doesn’t take life too seriously, while at the same time being independent, responsible, self-sufficient, and pursues her own interests. Some other traits I find desirable would be an off-beat sense of humor, humility, and not being afraid to try new things. Hopefully, you’re an animal lover to, especially cats (I have two). You don't need to have all of these traits, sometimes its just nice to have a few things in common.So if you are open to the idea of new possibilities, then send me an e-mail and we can go from there. .