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Fairfield, United States
I am looking for an attractive minded man who loves music and sports as much as I do! I guess the best way to discribe myself is that I'm a nice woman who is cosiderate and respectful of other people's feelings. I am compassionate, a great listener, and not afraid to show my emotions i believed not only in what a man look like but his heart play the most important role to me cause i want a real and a serious relationship with the right man
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I believe in living life with passion and vitality. I tend to look for the deeper meaning in my life's experiences and I'm not afraid of taking risks in achieving the goals I set for myself. I have a burning desire to do something really extraordinary with my life and am constantly looking for inspiration as to what that might be! I have a good career, great relationships with my family members, and know that someday I will have a terrific family of my own. But aside from these usual aspirations, there is something else that I would like to achieve with my life and finding out what that is and accomplishing it will be a passionate quest of mine. I think a good partner in my life would be someone who could understand this passionate, ambitious nature about me and still be a lovingly supportive companion.